Indonesia Growth

Indonesia set to be the worlds largest economy by 2030

Indonesia: The World Investment Paradise

Tourism in Indonesia

Tourism is growing in Indonesia, and every year the number of people visiting this vast country increases. In 2019, for example, Indonesia attracted 19 million tourists and achieved a remarkable 25% growth. Indonesia’s tourism sector contributed more than 11% of the country’s GDP. This money was generated by tourists spending over IDR 172 trillion and providing direct and indirect employment for 1.8 million people.


Your Investment supports a community

Investment in Bamboo Village is an investment in community and sustainability. The Bamboo Village project supports and employs many people from the local community. Once you become part of this community you will be rewarded with friendship, kindness, and devotion. Bobi Smith:

‘Our vision is to offer an opportunity to invest in a deluxe resort that supports and sustains the local community and the environment whilst rewarding our investors with generous returns.’

With this vision in mind, your investment in Bamboo Village guarantees you a fruitful 8.0% pa return whilst we fully expect a return of 15% pa. In addition to this, you will secure a month-long owner occupation at Bamboo Village every year with an option to rent this time instead.

This is an extraordinary opportunity to become part of this unique community in Northern Bali’s ‘last paradise’.


Indonesia set to be the world’s largest economy by 2030

A relatively new country and vibrant country, Indonesia is blessed with a young, inventive population who want to see their homeland grow and succeed. The island of Bali forms the centre of Indonesia’s tourism economy and is one of the most lucrative places to invest in a business abroad.


Development in the north of Bali

As the number of visitors increases to the island, Ngurah Rai International Airport in Denpasar will not be able to cope with the volume. Plans are in motion to construct another airport in Singaraja. Investing in property on real estate in north Bali is one way to stay ahead of the pack.


More fun financial facts about Indonesia

  • Population 260 million
  • Land Mass 1,811,000 km2
  • GDP 2017 USD 1,007 bn
  • GDP growth in 2017 5.1%
  • GDP/capita 2017 3,880 USD
  • Stock Market size bn USD 495bn
  • Indonesia has the 4th largest population base globally with 50% of the population under 30 years old
  • Stock market to GDP ratio is only 50% whereas in other Asian countries this can be between 75% and 200%
  • Mckinsey estimates that Indonesia will become the largest economy globally by 2030. It currently ranks as 15th