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Bamboo Villa Interiors

Providing choice for your villa in bali

The bamboo villas for sale offer a choice of interior design created with the idea of reflecting the beauty of Bali’s exotic surroundings in the rooms inside.

The Bobi Smith team call these designs Tropical Colonial and Urban Vintage and the design team’s brief was to create choice and value for potential buyers.

Both styles of villa interior feature recycled timber and upcycled items in keeping with the eco-resort theme.

master plan from reception (Q)

Tropical Colonial

The rich history of the island of Bali is expressed in this impeccable arrangement by our Master Designer. Striking, natural linens and delicious dark woods melt into delicate bamboo walls. Serene natural light baths the Chesterfield style sofa inviting guests to curl up with a good book and a cold drink on a hot afternoon.

In the bathrooms, powerful white and grey marble meets startling distressed wood vanities, stone baths, and all modern fixtures and fittings.

Living palms and other lush green plants mirror the sustainable nature of these modern eco-homes.

Urban Vintage

An eco-friendly marriage of metal and wood embodied in a sophisticated urban style. Black and stainless steel fuse with naked bamboo, recycled wood, and oversize stage and screen lighting fixtures. 

King size four-poster beds are adorned with crisp white fabrics. The bathrooms dazzle in clean black and white with cool marble surfaces and fashionable fixtures and fittings.

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