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Fractional ownership resort in bali

Bamboo Village Bali Eco and Wellness Resort offers a once in a lifetime opportunity to own a dream villa in Bali within the security provided by a proven property management company.

Bamboo Village Bali Eco & Wellness Resort

Bamboo Village Bali is a boutique resort with 1, 2- and 3-bedroom villas built around the principles of sustainable living.

This unique resort sits on a spacious 1.2 hectares of real estate in the north of the island and features a variety of facilities including a restaurant, yoga shala, wellness spa, and a communal swimming pool.

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This location is the next development hot spot in Bali and offers the potential for high year-round occupancy.

The interiors of these Bali villas embody two very distinctive exotic styles offering potential buyers a choice. The Tropical Colonial and Urban Vintage villas feature recycled timber and upcycled items as well and high-end fixtures and fittings.

Experience the other side of the map

“As soon as you step off the well-worn path, the traffic eases up, nature returns and the tropical allure of traditional Balinese life – the very thing that first attracted tourists to the island – flourishes.”

 The Guardian

The northern region of Bali is one of the world’s last great unspoiled paradises. Even with the hordes of tourists in the South of the Island, somehow, the locals of the North have managed to sustain a sense of peace, community, and connectedness. 

To capture the Balinese values of his peaceful community has long been the vision of Bamboo Village Owner and Developer Bobi Smith.

‘I wanted to create something low impact and sustainable which resonates with the rich culture and deep sense of community that I grew up with. Our villas are constructed using the highest-grade, locally sourced, bamboo. Whilst built using traditional methods, they conform to the highest standards of comfort, security, sustainability, and ease of living’

Why invest

Have you ever dreamt of owning a piece of paradise in Bali?

Do you want to buy a property in Bali? Are you looking for a long-term investment, a retirement property, or maybe you have fallen in love with the island and want to own a corner of paradise?

Whatever your reason for investing in property in Bali, the Bamboo Village Bali Eco and Wellness Resort offers a lucrative opportunity.


Bali offers expat retirement visas and provides a good standard of living for retirees because money goes further in Indonesia.


A holiday home on the island of the gods is a great way to guarantee your vacations here for a lifetime.


Investing in Bali reaps good returns when compared to other places around the world.

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Bali is at the centre of Indonesia’s tourism industry, and every year the number of people visiting this vast country increases.

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Speak With The Director

Richard Smith is one of the directors of Bobi Smith Investments. If you need more information or if you would like to chat directly to Richard about purchasing one of our villas, don’t hesitate to give him a call.

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About Us

Bobi Smith Investments wants to maximise the profitability of your investment and minimise the risk.

The team has a proven history of working in the boutique resort industry in the north of Bali and owns two other projects, so they know what works.

Our People

Meet the people behind this extraordinary project.

Our Vision

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Come and talk to our experts about purchasing a bamboo holiday home of your own.

View our frequently asked questions.

If you are not an Indonesian national, you cannot buy property in Bali in the traditional sense. Don’t buy freehold because foreigners cannot own property in Bali; consequently, any freehold transaction is unlawful. However, it is possible to hold a long term lease on land and property.

If you buy an existing villa, do not buy it if there’s no IMB. Be careful and respectful of laws in Bali just like you would be in Europe, Singapore, or Australia.

Foreigners can’t borrow money or have a mortgage in Indonesia, and if you are a foreigner, then you will need to have your finances pre-arranged and ready to go. All property transfers are done by a local public notary or lawyer.

Fractional ownership at Bamboo Village works as you purchase the property on long term lease.

The property and any return on its rental are yours for the duration of the contract as is a share in the profitability of the resort as a whole.

Bobi Smith Investments looks after the management of the villa and the facilities at the resort and makes sure that it is well marketed to achieve the best occupancy results.

Villa ownership can be an expensive proposition. A luxury property can be a sizable investment. In addition to the cost of a long-term lease, you have operating expenses such as taxes, ongoing maintenance, and the management of renting it out while you are not in residence.

With fractional ownership, you gain the right to stay there for one month of the year, and all the management responsibilities fall to the management company.


Get in touch with our wonderful sales team for more information about how to take advantage of this exciting investment opportunity.


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